Why We Choose Handmade Jewelry

Why We Choose Handmade Jewelry

Hey Blue Belles! 

We wanted to give you some insight into why we pick the products we do. You may not know that we choose to sell primarily handmade jewelry. Currently, we carry jewelry handmade by a creator Bou-Cou. Bou-Cou has been a Charlsie Blue staple since our opening in 2019, and we love this brand and the wonderful woman behind it!  

Bou-Cou is a brand created by Atlanta Artist Becka Cowan. She has been creating of her line since 2005 and incorporates unique items and vintage pieces into her jewelry. The logo for Bou-Cou actually portrays Cowan's grandmother Consuelo Lozano who inspires her work ethic and ambitions. We love the personality and authenticity behind Becka's brand and her commitment to encouraging individuality. As a business, we recognize how important it is to join other creators who are working towards the same goals as we are. At Charlsie Blue, we want our customers to feel confident and unique, whether that is simply through encouraging encounters or fun clothes. We offer a curated line from Bou-Cou here

Bou-Cou exemplifies the qualities we hold dear at Charlsie Blue. Although we (and you) have the opportunity to purchase more inexpensive jewelry, we have decided to prioritize quality and values in every aspect of our business. We feel it is of utmost importance to support like-minded individuals and creators - this is how community is born and changes are made! Every piece of jewelry made by this wonderful woman is high quality and sure to be an investment in your closet that you can cherish for years to come.

Thanks for joining us in these goals of confidence and community! 


Charlsie Blue 


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