Growing up in a small town, Holly always dreamed of something bigger. As soon as she graduated high school, she left to attend an art school and majored in fashion merchandising. After graduating and working for high end retailers, she landed a position with Kate Spade and immediately felt that this brand was home. Through several cities, positions, and a ton of company growth, she learned so much about the importance of creativity and staying true to your brand and vision. After trying out different avenues within the fashion retail business such as buying, visual merchandising, and management, she realized her heart was in the stores with the public. After stepping away from the business in order to start a family, she stayed home for six years in order to be with her two boys until they began school. After getting that itch to get back to doing what she loves, she decided to start a business that combined all aspects of the business and opened a shop of her own. And so became the birth of Charlsie Blue. We hope you love it as much as we do! 


The charlsie blue crew